"Collecting new or gently used baseball gear to donate to kids in need."


Gold Glove Charity is an organization created to collect and donate new and gently used baseball equipment to kids in Los Angeles without access to gear of their own. 



“I began playing baseball with the YMCA on their t-ball and 5-pitch teams. For five years I played Pony baseball with the Pacific Palisades Baseball Association. I also played baseball on my high school’s varsity team, the North Hollywood Huskies. Since the beginning I have been lucky enough to play on great fields, with high quality gear, working with amazing coaches. It has been a big part of my life and a lot of fun!

Of course, not all kids who want to play baseball are as lucky as me. I started Gold Glove Charity as a way to support young baseball players in Los Angeles who do not have the means to purchase the gear that they need to play baseball. I hope that through our efforts other kids will have the same opportunity to enjoy the sport the same way I have all these years.”

– Jack Standish
Founder, Gold Glove Charity


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